My personnal sextape with my wife

If you are an amateur housewives, know that you can find numerous amateur videos This is also where I published my first sextape with my wife.

My wife is a very open. It has almost no limit and is always ready to discover new things in all areas only, it wants to do with me. As I am a libertine person, so I offered to do it on camera. The aim was firstly to ensure that this remains between us and it was only later that we decided to put it online to see what others think. We have followed no scenario we have just carried away by the atmosphere.

The course of the act

I placed the camera in front of the fireplace. We agreed that we would do it in the living room surrounded by candles. We have so many scented candles placed on the ground in different shapes and some rose petals, a bottle of champagne and two glasses for the atmosphere. We started to have a few drinks and after finishing the whole bottle, we started kissing. We are not professionals in this field but we like to have fun in bed and even have many toys. It was then kissed then she began to have wandering hands. She stroked my cock through my pants and I did the same on her breasts. I noticed that she had her breasts swelled gradually over my hugs and also my penis bandaged. I was all excited. I then descended a little lower and I noticed she was not wearing culote and was all wet. Only after we finish that I noticed on the video that she always left her parted legs so we can see that she had no panties from the beginning. A real slut. She then pushed against the ground and began to make me little kisses over here and there before me a good blowjob. I could see my cock disappear completely in his mouth while his hands masturbated me and caressed me at the same time. I was exhausted so I asked him to put himself in position 69 so that I can also give it pure pleasure. After a good 69, we began to kiss doggy style, missionary, helicopter, etc. We did it for at least an hour of time. It was a record for me but it has to be redone on nude in france.

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